May 19, 2020—Introducing the new Express Entry Temperature Check Tablets from AV Now. Within one second, the non-touch infrared technology scans for your temperature from 3 feet and provides an alert when a person is running a high temperature. Available in three sizes the tablet can be mounted on a pole stand, desktop stand or wall mounted. The Temperature Check Tablet will add an extra layer of protection to your facility which will ensure that individuals entering a location are not running a high temperature. Great for Fitness, Education, Corporate, Café/Juice Bars, Check-In Desks and Medical facilities. The system uses an advanced algorithm for detecting and calculating heat signatures. Based on technology developed in Germany, the highly accurate sensor measures with a tolerance of +/- 0.5 degrees Fahrenheit. Tablets come with a 2-year warranty.

For more information, visit the AV Now website, email, or call 800-491-6874.