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IHRSA is now....

The association is now the Health & Fitness Association!

Watch excerpts from the March 6 announcement at IHRSA 2024 in Los Angeles.

Since its founding in 1981, IHRSA has been proud to share the stories about how its members have helped their members and consumers improve their lives through a commitment to physical activity, demonstrating that exercise and activity can improve physical and mental health.

In the last two years, IHRSA leaders have taken steps to continue the evolution of the association to reflect the changes in this modern, sophisticated industry.

IHRSA hired a new chief executive officer, restructured and strengthened board operations, improved relationships with international federations and partners, global members, advocates, and policymakers. In addition, the board has worked with the CEO to define and implement new strategic pillars to guide operations, focused on advocacy, education, and research.

The Next Chapter

The next logical step in this process was an evolution of the IHRSA brand to reflect this focus. On March 6, we became the Health & Fitness Association.

Moving forward, the Health & Fitness Association will continue to be the standard-bearer for the global community of health and fitness leaders committed to providing a brighter, healthier tomorrow. Our members, industry partners, policymakers, and international bodies have helped us build a stronger industry, more unified than ever before. With an understanding of exercise's critical role in improving overall health and mental wellness, we aim to transform the traditional view of how health and fitness facilities serve consumers.

What to Expect Moving Forward

Change takes time, so over the next few months, you can expect the rollout of our new name and focus on our mission to continue with changes to the following:

  • Our website will transition to Content will be redirected to in the next few months
  • Our new brand colors and logo will appear on the website, and references to IHRSA will change to the Health & Fitness Association.
  • Our social media platforms will change to our brand
  • Our email addresses will change to
  • In addition, several backend processes will change, including those related to finances, legal, and taxes.

What Won’t Change

Our staff and our commitment to continue serving the global health and fitness industry through advocacy, education, and research.

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