CBI November 2017

Derek Gallup, the chair of IHRSA’s board of directors, began his career in 1992 as a designer handbag buyer for Macy’s in Hawaii, and has been immersed in retail ever since—for Gold’s Gym Hawaii, 24 Hour Fitness, and, since 2009, with New Evolution Ventures (NeV), the multi-brand private-equity firm. What he doesn’t know about club retailing … isn’t worth knowing.

“IHRSA’s mission is to reverse the global physical inactivity epidemic.… The IHRSA community and the international fitness industry have embraced this issue wholeheartedly.”

Derek Gallup, Executive Vice President of Fitness and Retail

New Evolution Ventures


Why Not Make Work Fun?

In a new book, Love Work, Anytime Fitness cofounders Chuck Runyon and Dave Mortensen share their secrets for success.

Core Considerations

Viewing core training from a variety of perspectives provides a comprehensive sense of what it is … and isn’t.

The Three Pillars of Success

Three essential ingredients are required to achieve a healthy lifestyle, but one of them—sleep—is too often overlooked.

The 2017 AB Show: Imminent in Orlando

This month’s gathering marks its 36th in Orlando and will attract a broad cross section of fitness industry pros.

News & Know How

First Person: Linda Mitchell

IHRSA 2018 presenter Linda Mitchell, of the Newtown Athletic Club, explains why clubs should “brand” their charitable initiatives


Athletix Products, PREMIRA Large Floor Mop and Contec Floor Mop

The New Face of Flooring

Today, when it comes to flooring, clubs want performance, functionality, aesthetics, and more in this month's F.I.T. Extra.

IHRSA Report

Turn Your ‘Fear’ List Into a ‘To Do’ List

If we conquer our fears, we can “save the world through fitness,” says IHRSA Chairperson Derek Gallup in this month's First Set.

Best Practices

Mike James eyes remodeling mistakes; Alexandra Black on staffing for nutrition

Do Your Part on Veterans Day

U.S. Army Brigadier General Blake Williams, Ret., promotes Mission: Readiness in this month's Grow, Promote, Protect.

Value Proposition: KORR Medical Technologies, Inc.

CardioCoach V02 Max testing came into its own when the world discovered how much value data could bring to bear on exercise regimens.

Providing Help When It’s Needed Most

IHRSA marshals resources to meet Brazil’s real needs, reports Joe Moore, the president and CEO of IHRSA in this month's Last Rep.