CBI January 2017

“Success in life and work is based on our ability to form authentic and meaningful relationships,” concludes IHRSA 2017 keynote speaker Seth Mattison, a visionary workforce strategist. In a digital world that seems to value the number of, rather than the depth of, interactions, Mattison provides a way to create better personal and professional connections. His presentation is sponsored by MYZONE.

“I love that CBI covers news, events and the latest industry trends globally. It’s a must-read!”

Derek Gallup, Executive Vice President

New Evolution Ventures, Lafayette, CA

Highlights of this issue include:

  • A Fresh Perspective: A view of 2017 from the trenches
  • A Homecoming: Augie Nieto returns to Life Fitness
  • Driving in the Dark? Switch on IHRSA’s Profiles of Success
  • Creating an FT Zone: A six-step plan to achieve success
  • Tech App.rehensions: How to master wearables and apps
  • First Person: Stacy Anderson, the brand president for Anytime Fitness, on growth and digital platforms, but not her Runningman tattoo
  • F.I.T. Extra: Club management software helps fitness facilities improve operations and retain members
  • First Set: Our customers’ journey is changing, but are we? wonders IHRSA Chair Rasmus Ingerslev
  • Best Practices: Brent Gallagher on attracting PT clients; Marisa Hoff on growing group attendance
  • In Brief: IHRSA introduces The Advocate, its newest online resource for policy issues
  • Value Proposition: MYZONE has transformed wearables from an accessory into a valuable fitness tool
  • Last Rep: To start 2017 “in the know,” log on to ihrsa.org/store, suggests Joe Moore, the president and CEO of IHRSA