CBI December 2016

Maureen Hagan’s nickname, “Mo,” is short for Maureen, but it might also stand for “more”— as in, this woman does more than you could possibly imagine. She oversees some 4,000 instructors for GoodLife Fitness, Canada’s largest club chain; was instrumental in the founding of canfitpro, which has 25,000 members; is IHRSA’s Woman Leader of the Year … and so much more.

“CBI is the best magazine in the industry. The great quality of the people and companies reported on inspires me to be a better operator and leader in the fitness industry.”

Rasmus Ingerslev, Chairman

Repeat Fitness, Denmark

Highlights of this issue include:

  • CrossFit Crossover: Clubs are wooing the hardcore workout
  • Cloud-y Club Days: The cloud reconceptualizes club operations
  • Guide to Greatness: The IHRSA Health Club Consumer Report
  • Program Notes: A quarter of imaginative new programs
  • First Person: Lynette Froehlich, the racquetball coordinator for Sportsclub, in Greenville, South Carolina, champions this court sport
  • F.I.T. Extra: New features and upgraded programs keep elliptical and lateral trainers on the cutting edge
  • First Set: “Let’s look to the outside world for inspiration,” recommends IHRSA Chair Rasmus Ingerslev
  • Best Practices: April Smith identifies the key components required for a successful spa operation
  • In Brief: Understanding how transgender legislation could affect your club’s locker room
  • Success by Association: Leila Timergaleeva, IHRSA’s ambassador to Russia and the CIS Baltics, is on the go
  • Value Proposition: Its goal, says ClubReady, is to make its software products “the easiest solutions to use”
  • Last Rep: We can accomplish much more if we work together, posits Joe Moore, the president and CEO of IHRSA