CBI April 2017

Matrix Fitness, founded in 2001, has quickly become the premier brand of Johnson Health Tech (JHT), its corporate parent. In 2016, JHT revenues were approximately $625 million. Matrix now offers some 500 commercial products, and accounts for 67% of JHT’s total. A fair share of the credit goes to Mark Zabel, JHT’s global chief marketing officer and newly named president of its U.S. commercial division.

“CBI provides a worldwide view of the industry. The unique benefit of this is it allows you to be even prouder of local choices and even more confident in picking products from large manufacturers. Everybody wins!”

David Patchell-Evans, Founder & CEO

GoodLife Fitness Clubs, London, Ontario, Canada

Highlights of this issue include:

  • Mapping Mexico: IHRSA quantifies a massive market
  • Sales Secrets, Inc.: How to convince corporate clients
  • Prime Prospects: Millennials are the “future” of spas
  • Safety Walk-Through: Carrie Kepple tours a Les Mills club
  • First Person: Industry Insight’s Greg Manns describes the critical role that accurate data plays in IHRSA’s and club operators’ success
  • F.I.T. Extra: Total-body cardio machines may be the perfect equipment for hot trends
  • First Set: It’s not what we’re doing, but how we’re doing it, that’s important, says IHRSA Chair Rasmus Ingerslev
  • Best Practices: Amanda Konigsberg on strong year-round sales; Chris Stevenson on staff consistency
  • In Brief: Exercise produces great benefits for Alzheimer’s patients. Here’s how clubs can help.
  • Success by Association: The Cambridge Group remains committed to its mission, while embracing change
  • Value Proposition: Regupol America believes that flooring should protect people, equipment, and buildings
  • Last Rep: No club can afford to be without these two reports, posits Joe Moore, the president and CEO of IHRSA